Sexual Health Resource Centre


The Sexual Health Resource Centre (SHRC) provides resources, education, advocacy, and support to all students concerning issues about sexual health. This includes birth control and pregnancy options, STI prevention and treatment, etc. The Centre exists to ensure that students are able to address their concerns and gain knowledge about their sexual health.


The SHRC promotes healthy sexuality and awareness by providing its volunteers and clients with continuing education on important sexual health issues. It also educates its members on safer sex options and alternative resources.


Our resources include referrals to various services such as: HIV/AIDS + STI testing and support networks, pregnancy and post-birth care, sexual assault crisis care, and assisted access to mental health counsellors on campus.


Students can volunteer in a variety of ways, such as: helping to plan and administer events, holding office hours, and providing peer support.


Simcoe Building, Room 1002A | Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM
(905) 721-2000 Ext. 6290 |