SA By-Elections 2014

Your vote is your voice. The Student Association Fall 2014 By-Elections are an important part of our democratic process. Have your say and choose your representatives. Voting is open to students from campuses, schools and faculties for which a candidate is running.



Durham College Board of Directors, School of Business, IT & Management Director: 

Harrison Hutcheon - 82% - ELECTED
Amy Rose - 18%

In order to complete the election, and for winners to officially qualify to take their positions, all candidates must meet certain criteria, including the filing of an accurate campaign expense report and removal of campaign materials, such as posters, from the campus.

Chief Returning Officer Pratha Shanmuganathan and Deputy Returning Officers Ramez Mohamad and Chandrika Dawkins and SA Team offer their congratulations to the winning candidates, and thanks to all who participated in the SA 2014 By-Election.  

Student Association Members Elect 2014-2015 Directors

Durham College Board of Directors

School of Business, IT & Management Director - Harrison Hutcheon (elected)

School of Health & Community Services Director - Vacant

School of Interdisciplinary Studies & Employment Services Director - Vacant

School of Justice & Emergency Director – Tasif Chowdhury (acclaimed)


UOIT Board of Directors

Faculty of Social Science & Humanities Director - Carolyn O'Neil (acclaimed)

Faculty of Education Director - Vacant


Associate Vice Presidents 

AVP of College Affairs (Whitby Campus Student) – Vacant

AVP of University Affairs (Downtown Campus Student) - Vacant


A candidate is acclaimed, or elected by acclamation, when no other candidate has come forward at an election and no vote is held. 



Durham College & UOIT Board of Director positions are part-time, volunteer positions. Associate Vice President positions are part-time, paid positions. Application information and instructions will be made available after the By-Election.



PRATHA SHANMUGANATHAN | Chief Returning Officer (CRO)

The Student Association at Durham College & UOIT

T 905.721.0457 Ext. 221  |  F 905.721.2768 

RAMEZ MOHAMED | Deputy Returning Officer (DRO)

The Student Association at Durham College & UOIT


CHANDRIKA DAWKINS | Deputy Returning Officer (DRO)

The Student Association at Durham College & UOIT


Elections Committee

Pratha Shanmuganathan, CRO | non-voting

Ramez Mohamed, DRO | non-voting

Chandrika Dawkins, DRO | non-voting

Ryan LePage, President | non-voting

Donna Judson, Executive Assistant | non-voting

Spencer Allison, UOIT - Board of Director Representative | voting

Mike Burton, Durham College - Board of Director Representative | voting

Jade Hubble, UOIT - Student Representative | voting

Madelaine Hodgins, Durham College - Student Representative | voting