SA Election 2014

The Student Association (SA) elections are run by the Elections Committee and the Chief Returning Officer (CRO) as per the SA General By-Laws. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the CRO at:

Election Results

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Election Committee

The Election Committee is in charge of overseeing the planning, development, and execution of SA Elections and acts autonomously from any external or SA influences. The Committee meets regularly during their term. Members of the Election Committee are charged to act impartial and are not eligible to run as a Candidate or show strong support for any one Candidate. 



2014 SA Election:

Minutes February 11, 2014

Minutes March 17, 2014


2013 SA Election:

Minutes February 7, 2013

Minutes January 23, 2013

Minutes January 18, 2013


Demerit Points

Last Updated: March 28, 2014



Executive: 30 points

Director: 15 points


Demerit points can be allocated to either an entire slate or an individual candidate, depending on the infraction. All decisions are made by the CRO and may or may not reflect the SA election policy demerit system, as the system is to be used as a guideline for demerit points and not as an absolute. S. 9.5 – “Demerit points as outlined are assessed on, but not limited to, the following basis”


Students Unite Team (Ryan LePage, Jeremy Baarbe’, Baker Baha, Salam Alsadi, Johnny Stavrou)


s. – “Improper distribution of campaign materials” 

Demerits Awarded – 5 points each


Kristian Cuaresma (Presidential Candidate)


s. – “Cross campaigning”

Demerits Awarded – 10 points


Ezra Graham (VP University Affairs Candidate)


s. – “Cross Campaigning”

Demerits Awarded – 10 points


Harmeet Nanner (Health Science Director Candidate)


s. – “Unapproved Campaign Materials”

Demerits Awarded – 4 points


Jeremy Baarbe’ (VP University Affairs candidate) Unapproved Campaign methods

 5 demerit points


Students Unite, (Executives) Multiple violations of campaign materials in the same building,

4 demerit points


Mina Elseify (Presidential Candidate)

9.5.3 (1) multiple frivolous or spurious complaints or appeals

5 demerit points


Students Unite, (Team) Unregistered Campaign Team member

3 demerit points each