Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Student Association Annual General Meeting (AGM)

22nd AGM Agenda
21st AGM Minutes 
2014-2015 Proposed By-Law Amendments

Monday, January 26, 2015 | Doors 2PM Meeting 3PM
E.P. Taylor's Pub & Restaurant 

FREE E.P. Taylor's food and chances to win gift cards, bursaries and SA All-Access Passes (that means you and a guest will get into every SA event for FREE for a year and bypass every line-up). Please note: no alcohol will be served during the AGM.

Bring your full-time student ID to attend.

Submit your motions by Wednesday, January 14, 2015.
Hand in your proxy forms by Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How to vote by proxy

If you’re unable to attend the AGM in person, you can assign your vote to another student as a proxy.

Here’s how:

  • Sign out a proxy form in person with your student ID card at the SA Main Office, located in the Student Centre at North Campus, or from the Tuck Shops at Whitby and Downtown.
  • You can only pick up your own proxy form. You cannot sign out proxy forms for another student, nor can someone else sign out a proxy form for you.
  • When assigning your vote to another student, please remember that the maximum number of proxies that an individual can hold is 50.

Proxy forms must be returned to the SA Main Office by Wednesday, January 21, 2015. Once a proxy form is received, you'll receive an email confirmation.

How to submit a motion

Any full-time Durham College or UOIT student can submit a motion for consideration at the AGM. Motions must be submitted by email to or no later than Wednesday, January 14, 2015.

For more information, contact

What is the Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

The Student Association Annual General Meeting, or AGM, is a yearly event that brings together the SA Board of Directors, Executives and Members. If you’re a full-time Durham College or UOIT student, you’re a Member. As a Member, you have the right to voice your opinion and vote on anything that could affect the fundamental structure of the SA, like our By-Laws, principles and mandates. As a Member-driven organization, you’re the one who makes these decisions.

The AGM is also a chance for you to tell your SA what you think. If you’ve got a By-Law you want to introduce, or if you want to make an amendment to an existing By-Law, this is the only place where these decisions can be made. You must formally submit your motion for consideration before your fellow students, and you can step up to the mic to weigh in on any issues others may bring forward.

Why should you attend?

You’re an essential part of the SA. We need your input so we can serve you better. We appreciate all of the feedback we get throughout the year but certain decisions require a formal proposal to be presented to the students for a vote. This proposal is called a motion. Any SA member can submit a motion for consideration at the AGM. 

If you don’t attend the AGM, you can’t vote on a motion. However, you can assign your vote to someone else by submitting a proxy form, but there’s nothing better than being there, in person, hearing the issue for yourself and making your own decision. Don’t forget—it’s YOUR SA. Your vote matters.

How the AGM works

At the AGM, we follow an agenda. You'll find it on this page as of Friday, January 16, 2015. First, the Chair of the Board of Directors will call the AGM to order, which means the meeting has officially begun.

Next, we’ll determine if we have quorum. Quorum is the minimum number of members that must be present in order to conduct any official AGM business. It ensures that we have an adequate representation of our members. We need 250 full-time students at the AGM, whether in person or by proxy. When we held the AGM on November 5, 2014, we had a record-breaking turnout but we needed about 70 more people to meet quorum. That’s why we’ve rescheduled the AGM for January 26, 2015.

When quorum is met then it’s time to get down to business. We’ll continue working our way through the agenda and ask for your approval on things like the previous AGM minutes, Membership fees, the budget, and By-Law amendments. We’ll also introduce any new Member proposals and invite you to speak on the issues being discussed. Then, you’ll vote on the direction the SA will take.