Clubs & Societies

The Student Association at Durham College and UOIT (SA) facilitates the creation and support of Campus Clubs and Student Societies to fulfill its mission of student service, advocacy and support.

Campus Clubs act as a forum where students can gather for information, philanthropy, and create communities of common interests and for social purposes. Visit the Campus Clubs page for a complete list of active clubs.

Student Societies are groups that represent each School within Durham College or a Faculty of UOIT; acting as the link between the academic and social environments for students. Societies plan social events such as pub nights, movie nights, professional development seminars with guest speakers, and other activities. Visit the Student Societies page for a complete list of active student societies.

The SA recognizes and supports the formation of both Campus Clubs and Student Societies as an integral part of student life.

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SA Leadership Conference

The 2nd Annual SA Leadership Conference is August 21-23, 2015 at Durham College and UOIT North Campus. Connect with other campus leaders and learn from industry professionals on topics like event planning, marketing, finance and more. The conference (including food and accommodations) is free for two executives from each club and society. 

Click here to register. The deadline to register has been extended until July 13, 2015.



You must submit a complete Ratification Package to apply for club or society status. Please submit the online form found here. The deadline for ratification is January 31, 2016. If you have any questions about the form please contact the Club & Society office.  


If you're planning a club or society event, you must submit the event form for approval at least 20 business days prior to your event. Please submit the online form found here.


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