The Student Association at Durham College & UOIT (SA) is dedicated to ensuring that all students are informed of their rights. The Student Rights & Advocacy Coordinator is available to provide free, confidential advice, and advocacy as well as assist with any academic challenges, petitions, hearings, and complaints.

Student Rights

As a student you have many rights that you may not be aware of, such as the right to access a final course syllabus within 2-weeks of starting a course, or the ability to petition any regulation within your department. For a more dedicated list of your rights as a student, contact the Student Rights & Advocacy Coordinator.

Academic Petitions & Appeals

Submitted through the Office of the Registrar, petitions are formal requests for a waiver of a regulation and/or deadline. If you are petitioning for special considerations or need help with an appeal the Student Rights & Advocacy Coordinator can provide you with advice, information, and representation if required. Key things to remember: Everything related to a petition is confidential and you can request to review the information in your file at anytime. Don't forget to photocopy all submitted documents and keep copies of rough work or drafts for assignments.

Student - Instructor Conflicts

In the event that issues or conflict arises between yourself and an instruction or teaching assistant, you can contact the person directly or connect with the Student Rights & Advocacy Coordinator for assistance at any time throughout the process.


Connect with Us

KAITLYN N. TELLER  |  Student Rights & Advocacy Coordinator

P 905. 721. 0457 Ext. 232  |  F 905. 721.2768

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