Women’s Centre


The Women’s Centre exists to educate and empower women, and to create a campus culture that values equity and celebrates the contributions and differences women make. The Women's Centre welcomes people of all genders. The Centre is committed to providing resources and advocacy to promote the advancement of women and their well-being.



The Women's Centre is a safe and fun place for women and men to meet and hang out with friends, learn about women's issues and empower one another.



The Centre serves as a primary resource for peer support, crisis intervention, information and referral services. Staff can refer students to campus and community organizations that offer guidance and to answer questions if we are unable to do so.



The resource library offers a wide variety of brochures, books, journals, magazines and films. You can also sign out the literature for a week if that better suits your needs.



Students can volunteer in a variety of ways, such as: helping to plan and administer events, holding office hours, and providing peer support.



  • Location | Room 1048, Simcoe Building
  • Hours | Monday to Friday, 9AM - 5PM
  • P (905) 721-2000 Ext. 2315 | E sawomenscentre@dc-uoit.ca